15 February 2019
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9 Reasons Why Your Blog Post Was a Failure

You wrote a blog post and it’s an utter failure. It has no likes. No shares. No comments. Hardly any visits. Nobody seems to care, nobody […]
8 February 2019
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Don’t Fear The Blank Page. Your Blog Post Ideas Are Here

If you dread the blank pages and empty posting schedules, this post is for you.
1 February 2019
how to write better blog post

How to write better? Techniques of the professional copywriters

Do you sometimes feel like your writing isn’t good enough? Are you still looking for clues on how to write better? Raise your hand if every […]
25 January 2019
making money blogging

What’s making money blogging really like?

In the world of multiplying online businesses, we’re all tempted by the idea of making money blogging. People out there promise you it’s going to be […]
19 January 2019
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Your Blog Is A Product. Think Like An Entrepreneur

I believe that blogs are products. Just as a mobile app. Like a an innovative organic cosmetic. Like a new PC part. What does it mean […]