29 March 2019
ways to promote your blog that no longer work - post banner on blog base

4 Ways To Promote Your Blog That Belong To The Past

Are you still sticking with ways to promote your blog that no longer render any results?
22 March 2019
losing your writing style blog post banner

Short Story About Lost Voice And Sold Writing Style

Trying to follow all the best practices can actually hurt you.
15 March 2019
how to deal with negative feedback - blog post banner on blogbase.eu

Dealing With Negative Feedback: A Blogger’s Guide To Troll’s Cave

I’ve seen, on several occasions, individual bloggers and companies dealing with negative feedback in different ways. Some were worth commendation. Others - not so much.
8 March 2019
blog content audit - post banner on blogbase.eu

Blog Content Audit: Declutter Your Blog This Spring

One of the companies deleted 31,7% of their blog posts and their traffic increased by 8%. Declutter your blog!
1 March 2019
apps for bloggers post banner

Useful And Free Apps For Bloggers That You Must Try

Nowadays we’re drowning in the ocean of apps for bloggers. Most of them are smart, easy to use and free. Here's the list of my favourites!
22 February 2019
blogging criminals blog post banner

5 Criminals Who Turned Blog Writing Into A Crime

Blogging criminals. People who make us run like hell. You see their blogs and you know you won’t ever come back. Ever!