10 May 2019
you're not good enough post banner

You’re Not Good Enough

We're not good enough and that's totally fine.
12 April 2019
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Reader Feedback: Should You Change For Your Audience?

Do you believe in changing yourself and your writing for your readers?
22 March 2019
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Short Story About Lost Voice And Sold Writing Style

Trying to follow all the best practices can actually hurt you.
25 January 2019
making money blogging

What’s making money blogging really like?

In the world of multiplying online businesses, we’re all tempted by the idea of making money blogging. People out there promise you it’s going to be […]
19 January 2019
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Your Blog Is A Product. Think Like An Entrepreneur

I believe that blogs are products. Just as a mobile app. Like a an innovative organic cosmetic. Like a new PC part. What does it mean […]