Hi there!

My name’s Agnieszka and I’m so glad to see you here.

But who am I?, you might ask. And why should you stay for longer?

I’m a content writer, a blogger, a freelancer, a remote worker. I’m a Polish woman living in Bulgaria. I’m someone who works with startups so their blogs are full of content. I stick my fingers in digital marketing. I’ve got my share of experience in B2B and SaaS. I love apps. Useful and silly ones alike.

On a personal side – I’m all about productivity, minimalism and (although still struggling with) living zero waste.

“That’s cool”, you might think. “But what’s in it for me?

I’ve started my first blog in 2006 but wrote long before that, filling pages of text editors with crazy stories. I’ve been working as a copywriter, social media manager and marketing lead. I’ve learned some things and even though I’ve still got much to learn, I’d love to share it all with you.

So, take a seat. Have a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Let’s talk about all things blogging, writing and freelancing. Let’s talk about how we can write more and better. Now and here is the time and place to share stories, ideas and experiences.

Will you join?

Get in touch with me outside my page: