18 May 2019
making my working space so much better

All The Things That Make My Working Space So Much Better

I’m picky about where I work. I’ve moved my desk tens of times. I’ve tried out several places in all the apartments I’ve ever rented. My […]
10 May 2019
you're not good enough post banner

You’re Not Good Enough

We're not good enough and that's totally fine.
3 May 2019
staying foused post banner

3 Step Guide To Staying Focused When Everything Distracts You

Staying focused when working from home still seems like a challenge? I've been there - here's how I deal with distractions when working remotely.
20 April 2019
catchy headlines - post banner on blogbase

I’ve Analysed Catchy Headlines Found Online – Here’s What I Learned

Never mind magical formulas. I've analysed catchy headlines online and here's what I learned about them.
12 April 2019
reader feedback blogpost banner

Reader Feedback: Should You Change For Your Audience?

Do you believe in changing yourself and your writing for your readers?
5 April 2019
blog content types and ideas blogpost banner

11 Types Of Blog Content That Your Readers Will Love

Are your readers bored of the same old? Make things different with fresh and entertaining blog content your audience will love.